Tabloid News of Sunday 16 October 2016


Man transforms into rat in Ndop, chews baby’s leg

A 38-year-old man called Nicho Dieudonne reportedly transformed into a rat and ate a new-born baby’s leg in Bamileke quarter, Abakwa, in Ndop recently.

According to reports, when the rat was caught and killed, Dieudonne died mysteriously four hours afterwards.

Neighbours to a family in that quarter were awoken by the screams of a nursing mother at about 3:30am. Following what the neighbours said, the nursing mother had awoken to breastfeed her baby.

When she switched on the light, she saw a fat rat clinging to the child’s dress. Immediately the rat saw her, it leapt away and disappeared. It was reported that the spot from which the rat escaped was stained with a lot of blood dripping from the child’s dress.

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