Health News of Monday, 15 September 2014


Ass. of social marketing educates on female condom use

As a prelude to the international day of the female condom, which is celebrated this September 16, the Cameroonian association of social marketing organized a series of events on the national triangle, having for purpose, to show to women, the added value of the use of the female condom.

The statistics today in Cameroon are indicative of a social malaise on the question of the sexual education of the masses. While 21% of teenage girls have at least a child, 21% of births in t couples are produced with an interval less than 24 months.

On the other hand, Cameroon is disproportionately affected, by STI and by unwanted pregnancies. Moreover, a large portion of the population has no access to contraceptives or other reproductive health services, thus favoring, the strong increase in STIS. In addition, condom use is not common within the community, things which pose today the problem of the management of sexuality and fertility.

The female condom contribute to sexual pleasure a study carried out by researchers report today, that the use of the female condom, not only preserved the wife from STIS and unwanted pregnancies, but contribute to sexual pleasure. Sheathed in natural rubber, the female condom increases today the offer in terms of contraception and protection of couples.

Approaches by the Cameroonian association of social marketing, some users of female condom reported that the contact between the outer ring and the clitoris increases pleasure, and that, the same ring, in contact with the testicles increases male pleasure.

Lubricated in and outside, it is strongly recommended for women suffering from vaginal droughts. And can also be used during menstruation, specified the doctors. Women's associations will have the arduous task, to deconstruct the myths and negative perceptions that the company has, on the female condom.

Notably, a certain idea according to which, the use of the female condom can cause cancer of the cervix, or even that it is only intended for promiscuous women. And at the same time erase some of the fears expressed by the majority of women that the female condom; may stall in the vagina. The Cameroonian doctors rote for their part, the good points of this mode of contraception and protection of persons in sexual activity in general, and for couples in particular.