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Regional News of Wednesday, 30 December 2015


We do not know each other, Governor tells Baba Danpullo

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Baba Danpullo made an unusual visit to Lele lafrique Station Up on December 22, 2015, in the morning.

Although the reasons for this unexpected visit are not officially known, everything suggests that it was due to the recent media attention on the letter he addressed to the President of the Republic and a copy to the Prime Minister, calling on the administration to intervene on the establishment of clandestine growers in his private property, including grazing area of Elba Ranch.

The audience lasted several minutes. Sources at the North West governor’s office say the debates was heated between Baba Danpulo and his Host, The governor is quoted as having asked Baba Danpullo what, where and how is he involved in this “conflict in the grazing area of Elba ranch.

As a reminder, that was the first ever visit by El Hadj Baba Danpullo to the Governor’s office since Lele lafrique officially took over as administrative head of the region. Both men had met only once, during a ceremony on CERAC in Ndawara.

In his letter to the head of state, Baba Danpullo alias Ndawara noted that “Since the relationship between the governor and me deteriorated, he is firing on all cylinders to raise the voltage to Elba ranch annex Esu. It was clear that he was going to create me problems. With the complicity of the Governor of the Northwest region, the populations of Esu engaged cultivation of food crops and buildings within the grounds of my ranch, under the knowing eyes of the local administration.

To date, we are entitled to point out that the traditional chief of Esu and his subjects tore my property, “the governor responded, accordingly saying, "This is the first time you are in my office, and we have time to talk a bit, then where does the idea of relationships deteriorated come from? I can say that we do not even know each other?”

Media reports say Adolphe Lele lafrique Tchoffo Leben is not the first governor to have faced Danpullo Baba on issues like this. As documented, the billionaire has always had tense relationship with many administrative authorities of the region.

According to Issa Yunussa a veterinarian who works in Elba ranch, the tension posed by the Esu population is perceptible and the locals are ready to fight with them if nothing is done.

The recap

A 6000 man match of Esu villagers had stormed the disputed piece of land at 3 am on that faithful night according to them doing what they know best, building and cultivating. At dawn the administration got there late only to find out that they were already installed On the hills of the village where the ranch is located, posts that serve to differentiate these lands, this is proof that people have taken back their property.

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